Yes, we’re back…

 Da Capo II Imaginary Future Chapter 1 Sample #2 Da Capo II Imaginary Future Chapter 1 Sample #3 

Yes, it’s been many, many months since we released the Prelude, but here we are finally getting things going.  It’s not that we intended things to work out this way, but life happens…  Thanks to everyone for their extreme patience.  I hope we’ll get the releases out on a much more regular basis moving forward.

Anyway, Chapter 1 gets the story in full swing, presenting the alternate opening to the D.C. II story (as seen in the game and D.C. II S.S. anime).  For those with time to spare and inclined to read moderately-interesting commentary and trivia, two pages of End-Notes await you at the end of the chapter.

And now, the links.  Enjoy!

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